Conductors - Ferdinand Vach

Ferdinand Vach Ferdinand Vach (born 1860) maintained contacts with possibly all the musical giants of his period. Antonín Dvořák was his most frequent and special guest. In Kroměříž, Vach rehearsed many of Smetana's operas, and, for example, Blodek's "V studni" (In the Well) or Fibich's work. Kroměříž was also a place of frequent guest performances by the Czech philharmonic orchestra and Oskar Nedbal, national virtuoso Jan Kubelík, the world known Bohemian Quartet and others. In 1890 Vach put together a choir with new qualities to approach the world's best vocal ensembles. That is why on July 30th, 1903, when a male choir with sixty members, called "Učitelský dorost kroměřížského pedagogia" (Young Teachers of Kroměříž Pedagogium, it was named P.S.M.U. a year later) performed for the first time in Kroměříž's "Nadsklepí" Hall, nobody in the audience knew a musical ensemble was born that would be describes as a great sensation in the European press. In 1905 Ferdinand Vach left Kroměříž for Brno where he was offered a professorial post at the Teacher's Pedagogium. At almost the same time, Leoš Janáček left the same pedagogium. Then, neither of them knew they would meet a few months later and that their acquaintance would have a major impact on their lifelong artistic plans.

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