In the Parliamentary Room of the Kroměříž Castle there is an anniversary (jubilee concert of CSMT ending ) finishing. Under the portrait of bishop Maxmillian Hamilton the last tunes of the last encore are coming to a close - it is a legendary MORAVĚNKA by Nešvera...
Just from here, from Kroměříž a star started shining in 1903. Up to these days it has remained a fixed star among other choruses. In three years this association will celebrate 100 years of its duration.
Due to the stylistic sophistication and advanced voice culture the PSMU made its way abroad in 1905, where it reached a triumphal success. Vach's pioneer work was further developed by his talented student, Jan Šoupal. Under his leadership the choir reached victories in exacting world chorus competitions. In 1964 a musical theorist and composer, professor Antonín Tučapský took up the function of a conductor. He brought a lot of new progressive elements to the activity of the chorus. After a short period of Oldřich Halma who is known especially for his arrangement of folk song, Lubomír Mátl became a new choir - master of PSMU. He leads the chorus in the spirit of new interpretation.

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